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The U-shape Evolution Law of the Factor Income Distribution Structure and Analysis on Influence Factors – A Case Study of Factor Income Distribution in China(Special Issue No.17, 2017)


By Li Jianwei, Research Team on “Research on the Reform of China’s Income Distribution System”, Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report Special Issue No.17, 2017 (Total 1541) 2017-7-5

Abstract: The structure of factor income distribution is the result of economic growth, and is also the decisive factor governing the future economic structure and economic growth. In the process of industrialization, the periodic fluctuation in the structure of income distribution and the U-shape evolution characteristics of the dynamic equilibrium value are the internal reflections of the evolution law of the economic structure in the field of income distribution. Theoretical analysis and empirical studies have proved that, the inverted U-shaped development law of the economic investment accelerator caused by the upgrading of economic structure is the endogenous factor of the U-shape evolution of the factor income distribution structure; the change in the pattern of supply and demand of the factor market is the basic factor of the U-shape evolution of the factor income distribution structure, while consumer spending and export volume are also important influence factors. The year of 2011 was a transition period of China’s U-type evolution of the factor income distribution structure. It is necessary to establish and flesh out a social risk prevention mechanism caused by the change of the income distribution structure in line with the laws of economic and social development.

Key words: factor income distribution,evolution law, influence factors