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Heading for 2020: Challenges and Countermeasures for China’s Mid-to-Long - Term Development


Heading for 2020: Challenges and Countermeasures for China’s Mid-to-Long - Term Development

Edited by Wang Yiming, DRC


Over the past 30-odd years of reform and opening up, China has maintained a sustained and rapid economic growth. As a result, its overall national strength has been substantially improved, the people’s living standards have been markedly raised, and its status and influence in the world have been greatly enhanced. China has formed a development model with Chinese characteristics in the diversified development of the world.

In the days beyond, China will experience a period with important strategic opportunities to accomplish great things. However, the international financial crisis has brought about new changes in the external environment and internal conditions relating to China's development. The imbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable problems emerged in the rapid development have become more prominent, which requires imminent reforms to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode. We need to address some major issues such as how to enhance economic transformation, how to avoid getting caught in the “middle-income trap”, how to enable China to stride forward from a middle-level income country towards a high-level income nation and how to achieve the goal of building a moderately prosperous society and realizing modernization.

This book has four chapters. Chapter 1: The mid-to-long-term growth and economic transformation; Chapter 2: Global challenges and countermeasures; Chapter 3: Aging population and responding strategies; Chapter 4: The promotion of human capital and perfunctory attitude.