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Research on Improving Tiered Medical Service System(Special Issue No. 26, 2017)


By Zhang Jiahui & Ge Yanfeng, Research Team on "Research on Improving Tiered Medical Service System", Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Special Issue No. 26, 2017 (Total. 1550) 2017-7-28

Abstract: Tiered medical service is the result of the rational and effective performance of medical and health system, instead of a simple system arrangement. The basic purpose of such a service mode is to provide proper medical service for all patients at the right time and in the right place. Tiered medical service requires three basic conditions: first, there is a coordinated medical service system with reasonable layout and clear division of labor, and the community medical centers could provide the first contact care; second, the medical insurance system can effectively restrain and guide the development and operation of the medical service system; third, the public and patients need to have a rational awareness towards health care and medical service. We need to continue to strengthen the construction of community medical service system, deepen the reform of public hospitals, improve the rehabilitation nursing system, enhance information construction, and encourage the close cooperation between different medical institutions. In addition, we need to establish a sound mechanism for basic medical care, continue to consummate the means of medical insurance payment and regulate the performance of medical institutions, flesh out reimbursement policy, and guide the patients to take a rational approach toward medical treatment.

Key words: tiered medical service, institutional foundation, issues, reform proposals