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The Strategic Significance of Developing Application-Oriented Universities in China(Special Issue No.20, 2017)


By Zhang Yong & Li Jianwei, Research Team on “Study on the Development Model of China’s Application-Oriented Universities based on the New Development Concept”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report, Special Issue No.20, 2017 (Total 1544) 2017-7-25

Abstract: It is of great strategic significance that China has actively developed application-oriented universities with more market-oriented efforts placed on the study and teaching of practical knowledge. 1. The development of application-oriented universities is conducive to consolidating human resources-based support of China’s economic transformation and upgrading through cultivating high-end innovative and entrepreneurial talents, achieving effective connection between new technology and talents, and exploring new economic transformation driven by education. 2. The development of application-oriented universities is conducive to further promoting reform of China’s institutions of higher learning through optimizing the educational structure in an all-round way, enhancing professional and multi-dimensional training of talents and promoting a diversified management model of colleges and universities in an opening manner. 3. The development of application-oriented universities can increase the professional level of enterprises’ internal management, remarkably enhance the response attitude of the public and talents with a more pragmatic approach, gradually change the economic and social status of skilled workers, relatively guarantee that people can live and work in peace and contentment and shore up the construction of a harmonious society in China through multiple channels.

Key words: application-oriented universities, strategic significance, industrial upgrading, innovative personnel