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The Transformation and Development of Application-Oriented Universities in China: Policies and Effects(Special Issue No.21, 2017)


By Wang Weijin, Liu Lihui & Dong Dandan, Research Team on “Study on the Development Model of China’s Application-Oriented Universities based on the New Development Concept”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report, Special Issue No.21, 2017 (Total 1545) 2017-7-25

Abstract: In order to encourage some local colleges and universities to transform into application-oriented universities, the government has issued a series of guidelines to make clear the goals, principles and major issues of the transformation. The relevant departments have jointly launched some projects to propel the integration of production with education with the establishment of some targeted platforms. Most provinces have formulated detailed plans and carried out pilot practice in some colleges and universities with related policy measures put into effect in a positive and smooth manner. Since the promotion of application-oriented universities, the transformation work has enjoyed a smooth progress and achieved certain results. For instance, some schools of higher learning have, through pilot practice, cleared lines of responsibilities, promoted the integration of production with education, optimized the major and curriculum design, and paid more attention to practice-based learning and teaching. They have gained some experience through making joint efforts in training a contingent of teachers strong in both theory and practice with organizational and resources support. The leading enterprises and universities have jointly formed a certain model of setting up some distinctive departments and classes. Besides, some universities have made successful trials in providing employment opportunities to students in the course of school development. Relevant ministries, local governments and universities and colleges have accumulated some experience on the development of application-oriented universities for China’s supply-side reform of schools of higher learning.

Key words: application-oriented universities, the integration of production with education, higher education