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Experience and Enlightenments Drawn from the Transformation and Development of Ruhr District in Germany
——A Trip Report on the Transformation and Development of Ruhr District in Germany(No.70, 2017)


By DRC Study Group to Germany

Research Report, No.70, 2017 (Total 5145) 2017-06-15

Abstract: The Ruhr District in Germany used to be known for environmental pollution. But now, it has attracted worldwide attention due to its successful transformation. China’s old industrial regions are different from the Ruhr District relating to the fundamental conditions for transformation, but they also have similarities in terms of the demand and direction of the transformation and development. Enlightenments drawn from the transformation and development of the Ruhr District are as follows. First, transformation is indispensable, but it shouldn’t be done in haste. Second, we need to make full use of the industrial conditions to develop new industries. Third, we need to focus on transforming and upgrading traditional industries instead of just closing these factories. Fourth, we need to enhance innovation capability in transformation. Fifth, the government needs to play a key role in transformation. Sixth, we need to give full play to the functions of various social groups and promote the transformation and development through concerted efforts.

Key words: transformation and development, experience, enlightenments, Germany, Ruhr District