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Maintain Ecological Security and Push Forward Sustainable Development


Maintain Ecological Security and Push Forward Sustainable Development

By Wu Ping, DRC


Since the emergence of states in the world, ecological security has been closely related to the development of people’s livelihood. As an important component of national security, ecological security has become a major issue concerning people’s well-being and the future development of nations. Channeling ecological security into national security system is the practical requirement to enhance the modernization of national governance system and capacity and realize long-term peace and stability and it boasts great significance and far-reaching impact on promoting the social and economic sustainable development and accelerating ecological civilization construction. A globalized version, a long-term perspective and a systemic mindset are all required to view ecological security to sort out problems and challenges facing current ecological security.

National security rests with ecological security. Ecological security refers to the natural environment of a country and its performance does no harm or poses any threat to the operation and development of a country’s ecological-economic-social system. Ecological security is an important component that has much to do with national sovereignty and social development, which also serves as the carrier and foundation for economic, social, cultural, political as well as military security.

Problems relating to ecological security are complex and remain to be sorted out. Maintaining ecological security is a complex and systemic project, which requires us to be aware of the following ecological problems. 1. Resources are in shorter supply and the number of environmental problems has increased. 2. Management functions are distracted and lack a unified planning by the central government. 3. Sovereignty issues make ecological security become more complex.

Ecological security relies on relevant rules and regulations, adequate technologies as well as international collaboration. For the sake of maintaining ecological security, safeguarding the long-term peace and stability as well as national sustainable development, we need to establish an ecological security system while removing all the factors that threaten ecological security. Efforts should be made in the following aspects: 1. The modernization of ecological security governance system and governing capacity should be enhanced. 2. Major projects should be straightened out to form a security network. 3. An integrated system including technological support, observation facilities, supervision measures and early warning initiatives should be improved. 4. An international coordinated system building should be pushed forward to perform the function for global ecological governance.