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Efforts Need to Be Made to Develop Industry-Backed Agriculture to Reduce Poverty
-- Field Survey in Zheng’an County on Deep-Rooted Poverty Alleviation with Targeted Measures(No.86, 2017)


By Long Haibo, General Office, DRC & Huang Chun, School of Business Administration of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics

Research Report, No.86, 2017 (Total 5161) 2017-08-04

Abstract: Zheng’an County is located in the Wuling Mountain areas of Guizhou Province in deep-rooted poverty and has particular difficulties for production. In recent years, the government has taken a series of targeted measures through industrial development to reduce poverty in this county. For instance, it has carried out demonstration projects to support farmers to start business in their hometowns; sped up the construction of infrastructure and focused on strengthening the weak points in industrial development; promoted the integration of competitive industries and propelled industrial development through culture development; and consolidated cultural and industrial foundations to forge a sustainable poverty alleviation mode. It should be noted that the county started the building of a guitar industry from scratch through attracting business in a lean manner, promoted the cluster development of the guitar industry and alleviated poverty through guitar industry-backed development, forming joint efforts made by the government, enterprises and social forces to push ahead with poverty reduction. Zheng’an County has adopted an industry-backed development mode to reduce poverty, which makes good reference for other poor areas. 1. Zheng’an County has made full use of external resources to build local industries; 2. Zheng’an County has, by relying on competitive cultural industries, strengthened the foundation for poverty alleviation; 3. Zheng’an County has promoted industrial integration to expand employment channels for farmers; 4. Zheng’an County has integrated factor resources to promote poverty alleviation.

Key words: poverty alleviation with targeted measures, industry promotes agriculture, guitar cultural industry, Zheng’an County