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Regulation of Integrated Emerging Industries: Main Problems and Policy Suggestions(No.79, 2017)


By Shi Guang, Research Team on “The Supportive Environment of ‘Internet Plus’”, DRC

Research Report, No.79, 2017 (Total 5154) 2017-07-20

Abstract: With the advance of the strategy of “Internet Plus”, Internet continues to get integrated with traditional industries, giving rise to the rapid development of a batch of emerging businesses. Then an urgent problem before us is how to rationally regulate these industries. There are no fundamental theoretical difference in regulation between integrated emerging industries and traditional industries. Yet compared with traditional industries, the integrated emerging industries have a stronger scale effect, their cyber platform performs a quasi-public function, their territorial regulation fails to suit the network economy, the customers and workers related to these industries are in more urgent need of protection, and the big data regulation means is more feasible in these industries. Currently, China’s integrated emerging industries are facing prominent problems such as the ambiguous regulators, the unclear regulation targets, the lack of regulation capacity, the old-fashioned mindset in terms of regulation means, and inadequate protection of privacy. It is suggested that we strengthen the responsibility and regulation of the platform, impose stronger and more effective regulation by the central government, make classified regulation and clarify the regulatory minimum, optimize regulation means and strengthen regulation both during and after the business operation, make the best use of big data with modern regulation means, and clarify the property right of data while improving legislative protection to privacy.

Key words: integrated emerging industries, regulation, cyber platform, big data