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The Development of Foreign Strategic Emerging Industries: Experience and Enlightenments(No. 83, 2017)


By Zhang Xiaohuan & Yang Xiaodong, Research Team on “The Development of Emerging Industries in Shenzhen’s Pilot Zones ”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report No. 83, 2017 (Total. 5155) 2017-07-28

Abstract: Strategic emerging industries play an irreplaceable role in China’s economic transformation and upgrading. Advanced countries and regions have accumulated abundant experience in the supply-side reform and demand-side promotion as well as the provision of measures to shore up industrial entities in terms of strategic emerging industries. The goal of demand-side policy innovation is to lead the direction of future consumption and decrease the instability of market of emerging industries. The supply-side policy innovation aims at re-structuring of industrial development factors, solidify the foundation for the development of emerging industries and comprehensively enhance labor productivity of these industries. The policy for emerging industries should center on supporting the industrial innovation entities and in particular bolstering small and medium-sized scientific and technical enterprises (SMEs) so as to push forward the development of the cluster development of emerging industries According to China’s economic development in different phases and features as well as the development trend of the world’s strategic emerging industries, efforts should be made to apply the supply-side and demand-side policies in turn, define the boundary between rights and liabilities of financial support, and improve the credit guarantee system for scientific and technical SMEs so as to push forward the sound and rapid development of China’s strategic emerging industries and cultivate a diversified innovative ecosystem for these industries.

Key words: strategic emerging industries, supply-side, demand-side, innovative ecosystem