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Transform Development Concept for the Transition and Development of China’s Regular Institutions of Higher Learning(No.19, 2017)


By Li Jianwei, Research on “China’s Application-oriented University Development Model Guided by the New Development Concept”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report No.19, 2017 (Total 1543) 2017-7-25

Abstract: It is of strategic importance for China to actively establish more market-oriented and application-oriented universities focusing on researches of practical knowledge and teaching. To promote the transition of some local regular institutions of higher learning, the government has introduced a series of policies and guidelines incorporated with major strategies with clear guidelines for future planning and development. Relevant departments are providing backup service for the cooperation of related projects while local governments have put forward implementation suggestions with positive policy support. Right now, the pilot practice has made some initial progress and gained some experience. However, to achieve the expected effect, there are some challenges to address during the transitional period. For instance, some departments have not reached consensus on certain issues due to some concerns, major institutional barriers restrain the integration of industry work with vocational education, and the policy support required by education transition is insufficient. In order to promote the transitional development of education, this paper believes that we need to make efforts in the following aspects: we need to guide the society to change the principles of education in order to foster a favorable atmosphere of public opinion; we need to establish a system where the government, enterprises and institutions of higher learning could all participate in the governance; and we need to implement supporting policies on classified evaluation and resource security.

Key words: application-oriented universities, the integration of industry work with vocational education, higher education