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Application-oriented Transformation of China’s Medical Universities: A Case Study on Southwest Medical University(Special Issue, No.24, 2017)


By Liu Lihui, Wang Weijin & Wang Tao, Research on “China’s Application-oriented University Development Model Guided by the New Development Concept”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.24, 2017 (Total 1548) 2017-07-25

Abstract: The management of medical universities bears typical application-oriented features. Southwest Medical University has gained the following experience in the course of transformation. For instance, universities should be positioned to meet the needs of regional, industrial, economic and social development; proactively establish a sound partnership with local governments and local businesses so as to render them a better medical service; formulate preferential policies to lead qualified faculties to integrate industries with education; develop application-oriented majors on the basis of advantageous and unique disciplines; keep optimizing the education programs with focus on practical skills training and virtue cultivation; and ensure the faculty members are strong in both education theory and professional knowledge, with resources prioritized to guarantee application-type talent development. As a provincial-level university, Southwest Medical University has run into multiple difficulties in the integration of vocational education with industry work, application-oriented research and education, cluster–based disciplinary building, as well as problems related to talent training and financing channels. This paper holds that medical universities, in the course of transformation, need to be aligned with local medical and health care industrial chains by relying on their unique disciplines and establishing application-oriented disciplinary clusters; innovate the mechanisms for medicine pharmaceutics transfer and university-business partnership in an open management manner; formulate a governance framework conducive to transformation and development; take an active part in relevant major programs and activities arranged as part of national strategies; and flesh out the follow-up evaluation system for talent development and faculty building.

Key words: medical universities, application-oriented, transformation, Southwest Medical University