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The Development of Application-oriented Higher Education in Some Major Countries: Experience and Implications(Special Issue, No.23, 2017)


By Wang Weijin, Liu Yanling & Liu Lihui, Research on “China’s Application-oriented University Development Model Guided by the New Development Concept”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.23, 2017 (Total 1547)2017-07-25

Abstract: In terms of the international practices of application-oriented higher education, the U.S. adopts a market-led model, where universities focus education on general knowledge and technology and bring together enterprises, academia and research institutes, while community-based colleges provide affordable higher education to meet the diverse community needs. Germany adopts a government-led model to develop application-oriented universities through proactive policy guidance. And France has an elite-wise application-oriented education with strong national features, which combines general knowledge with practical training. The above-mentioned educational models have offered us the following implications for China’s development of application-oriented universities. Application-oriented education needs to focus on training inter-disciplinary talents with general knowledge and government policy guidance and improved university governance structure could shore up institutional management. Application-oriented higher education is not supposed to reject disciplinary building, and its social appeal can be built up through greater economic accessibility and more flexible channels. An important trend in the faculty team building is not to try to retain talents with high salaries, but to make the best possible use of men.

Key words: higher education, university of applied science, schools of higher learning, community-based colleges