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Enhance the Effectiveness of Environmental Protection policy and Ensure People Could Gain a Stronger of Environmental Quality Improvement(No.92, 2017)


By Wang Haiqin & Wang Chaoran, Research Team on “Survey on People’s Livelihood in China”, DRC

Research report No.92, 2017 (Total 5167) 2017-8-15

Abstract: The research team of DRC conducted a household survey in 2016 on “ People’s Livelihood in China”. The results show that most respondents believe that the overall ecological environment is taking a turn for the better. More than half of them hold that waste disposal work has improved, and only a small number of people maintain that air and water quality has improved to some content. As environmental pollution is still the most unsatisfactory social environment factor, the effectiveness of China’s environmental protection policy needs to be improved. We need to change our mindset on development concepts and form an endogenous power of ecological environmental quality improvement; ensure that people could gain a stronger sense of improved environmental quality and implement more detailed environmental policy measures at the community level; improve the implementation mechanism of relevant policies and enable the people to get to know more about the true intentions of the government policies; empower the public to supervise illegal environmental violations, and let community-level organizations including neighborhood committees play their due role; enhance the accountability system of local governments, leading cadres of the Party and governments and a double responsibility system on the same position; formulate a responsibility list relating to environmental protection and put the public’s satisfaction of environmental quality into the evaluation system of ecological civilization construction target; strengthen the basic scientific research and accelerate the improvement of data quality of ecological environmental monitoring.

Key words: environmental policy, environmental quality, survey on people’s livelihood, sense of gain