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Turn Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains into Invaluable Assets in the Ecological Pilot Zones: A Technological Roadmap
--A Case Study of Dushan County in
Guizhou Province(No.95, 2017)


By Su Yang & Wang Yufei, Management World Magazine, DRC, Jiang Haihang, the People’s Government of Dushan County, Guizhou Province

Research Report, No.95, 2017 (Total 5170) 2017-08-18

Abstract: The ultimate goal of ecological progress is to turn lucid waters and lush mountains into invaluable assets. This paper gives an illustration of the direct and indirect technological roadmaps in turning these ecological resources into invaluable assets. The direct roadmap refers to the industrialization of green products featured by the value-added system of the brand name of green products while the indirect roadmap means industrial mix of green products. The set transformation roadmaps decide how ecological value is realized through added-value. However, this transformation faces the thorny systematic reform in addressing power-for-money deal. The cohesive force can only be pooled by integrating resources for reform, and make breakthrough in areas where systematic reform proves to be relatively easier with stronger efforts. The Dushan County in Guizhou Province has designed a roadmap in light of its specific conditions to transform the lucid waters and lush mountains there into invaluable assets. By coordinating the reform in urban and rural areas and advancing it in the ecological pilot zones in a balanced manner, the county has successfully conducted a reform in trials in both technological roadmap and systematic guarantee.

Key words: lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, transform, value-added, technological roadmap