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Ecological Conservation System Building in the Institutional Pilot Areas of National Parks(No.96, 2017)


By Wang Yufei & Su Yang, Management World Magazine

Research report No.96, 2017 (Total 5171) 2017-8-21

Abstract: The building of eight major systems of ecological conservation has witnessed a slow progress due to the fact that the traditional development mode is hard to change, the relevant reform measures are not coordinated with each other and high-level authority’s support to grassroots organizations is inadequate in terms of decentralization and financial assistance. The overall building of an ecological conservation system is more suitable to be launched in those areas with high-value resources, an urgent need for reform and less difficulty to be conducted. It is found that the institutional pilot areas of national parks boast all these features. In view of the differences in land tenure, protection demand, population density and development level in different pilot areas, the building of ecological conservation system in the national parks’ pilot areas needs to be launched in a classified way. Local governments of the pilot areas need to take the lead in addressing power-for-money deal in light of local conditions. Special consideration needs to be paid to the evaluation of officials’ performance, land management, ecological compensation and financing mechanism for green development. The Central Government needs to give particular support to staff size, land ownership innovation and the deployment of indicators as well as funds which are all difficult issues to be dealt with by local governments.

Key words: ecological conservation system, pilot areas of national parks, special zones