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Main Factors Affecting the Development of Urbanization: Analysis and Enlightenments(No.101, 2017)


By Li Shantong, Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy, DRC, Wu Sanmang & Li Li, China University of Geosciences

Research report No.101, 2017 (Total 5176) 2017-8-28

Abstract: Urbanization is an evolutionary process resulting from the promotion of various factors. It is of great significance to scientifically grasp the evolutional law and the main factors affecting the development of urbanization so as to promote the sound development of urbanization. In view of the development history and research findings on urbanization both at home and abroad, the factors that promote urbanization development include macroeconomic, mesoeconomic and microeconomic growth, industrial structural changes, factor flow, changes relating to supporting conditions brought about by agglomeration effect-based scale economies and technological progress as well as government guidelines and coordination. The primary problem facing China’s urbanization at present is to promote transformation and development of urbanization and improve the quality of urbanization. China’s urbanization is at a critical moment transforming from the early-to-middle period to the middle-to-later development period. In order to promote the sound development of urbanization in China, we need to have a scientific understanding of the evolutionary law of urbanization in history, and clarify the factors affecting the development of urbanization.

Key words: urbanization, influencing factors, development