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Improve the Quality of China’s Manufacturing Industry: Countermeasures and Policy Options(No.103, 2017)


By Wei Jigang & Zhao Changwen, Research Team on “Strategic Policies on Leading Economic Development in the State of New Normal”, DRC

Research Report No.103, 2017 (Total. 5178) 2017-8-28

Abstract: The quality of manufacturing industry is a concentrated expression of the comprehensive strength and core competitiveness of a country's manufacturing industry, which reflects to what extent the manufacturing industry could meet the needs of economic and social development. Although the quality of China's manufacturing industry has made remarkable progress, the overall level is still not high, especially in comparison with the global manufacturing power. The quality problems of the products influence the demand of supply, weaken the international competitiveness of the industry, and also bring huge economic and social costs. In addition, the problem has become more prominent with the global competition pattern changes and the entry of economic development into a state of new normal. The longstanding quality problems of manufacturing industry result from many deep-seated reasons relating to the government, market, enterprise and society. The fundamental improvement of manufacturing quality should be based on cultural construction, national strategy, laws and regulations, government supervision, market environment, basic ability, principal responsibility, quality management, as well as international cooperation and measures need to be taken and implemented in a multi-layer and multi-dimensional manner.

Key words: manufacturing industry, quality, competitiveness, supervision