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Regional Policies: A Strong Diver for Economic Restructuring(No.107, 2017)


By Sun Zhiyan & Hou Yongzhi, Research Team on “Strategic Policies on Leading Economic Development in the State of New Normal”, DRC

Research report No.107, 2017 (Total 5182) 2017-8-31

Abstract: The main tasks facing China’s economic transformation in the new era include achieving a mid-to-high economic growth, improving the economic efficiency and making the economic perform in a fairer and sustainable manner. In this regard, scientific and effective regional policies will optimize the spatial layout of productivity and improve the spacial allocation efficiency of resource factors. The policies will also advance China’s economic growth, balance regional development and propel the national economic transformation. Based on the internal requirements on China’s economic transformation in the state of the new normal, this paper proposes that China’s regional policies should enhance regional economic development, optimize spatial resource layout and promote regional fairness and ecological progress. The key to optimizing regional policies is to strengthen the driving force of the policies on cultivating new growth poles and supporting those areas including the Northeast China that have difficulties in economic transformation. The regional policies should also be coordinated with and adaptable to the requirements of building an integrated national market and focus on the institutional arrangement of cross-regional cooperation.

Key words: regional policies, development through transformation, coordinated development