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China’s Business Environment Improvement in Light of Starting Businesses and Granting Construction Permits(No.109, 2017)


By Ma Xiaobai & Long Haibo, Research Team on “Problems Facing China’s Business Environment and Relevant Policy Options”, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research Report, No.109, 2017 (Total 5184) 2017-09-05

Abstract: Business environment affects every aspect of corporate operation activities, exerting a major impact on economic growth, foreign investment utilization and the provision of employment opportunities. According to the Global Business Environment Report 2017 (hereinafter referred to as the Report) issued by the World Bank, China’s business environment ranking on the international list is remarkably elevated, but still has large room for further improvement. Especially in starting companies and granting construction permits, noted progress could be made in a short term through technological means. We need to set out a comprehensive reform plan for local business environment in accordance with the targets set in the Report and China’s real conditions. In terms of business start-ups, we need to innovate online-offline service model, and provide Internet Plus-based government service. With regard to granting construction permits, we need to disseminate the innovation-related experience gained by various localities, improve the approval efficiency, streamline the approval procedures with a shortened duration, and gradually enhance the construction quality control indexes. We also need to strengthen communications with the World Bank to ensure that future Report could give a timely and objective introduction to the improvement of China’s business environment.

Key words: business environment, starting businesses, construction permits, the reform of streamlining administration, delegating powers to lower levels, strengthening regulation and optimizing services