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Personal Property Income Gap in China: Analysis of Evolution Features and Influencing Factors(Special Issue, No.16, 2017)


By Wang Xiongjun, Research Team on “China’s Income Distribution System Reform”, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.16, 2017 (Total 1540) 2017-04-18

Abstract: Since reform and opening up, personal property income has rapidly increased in China, along with the economic growth and wealth accumulation. However, due to unevenly-possessed-and-distributed wealth, the “Matthew Effect” related to the capital market, the imbalanced financial services and other factors, property income gap is rapidly widening. The progress of Western developed countries and China’s development since reform and opening up show that it is a basic rule and common phenomenon that property income will lead to increased income gap. Therefore, the adjustment of property income is an important way to narrow personal income distribution gap. The general approach is to keep and increase the proportion of labor income, reform and improve the capital market performance, provide more balanced and inclusive financial services and flesh out the fiscal and taxation policies.

Key words: property income, wealth, income gap, influencing factors, basic rules