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Challenges Facing Transformation and Development of Application-Oriented Universities in China(Special Issue No.22, 2017)


By Wang Weijin, Liu Lihui & Liu Yanling, Research Team on the “ Development Model of China’s Application-Oriented Universities Based on the New Development Concept”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report, Special Issue No.22, 2017 (Total 1546) 2017-7-25

Abstract: At present, the transformation from ordinary undergraduate universities to application-oriented universities has achieved certain progress, but there are still some obstacles relating to concepts, institutions and policy improvements before realizing the expected goals. With regard to concepts, there are different explanations on the connotations and definitions of application-oriented universities in the academic circle, and some people have improper standards about the classification and administrative level of application-oriented universities. Some universities are concerned about the establishment of relevant specialties, and some of them hold a lopsided view about the way of university transformation. In terms of institutions, the rights and obligations of school-enterprise cooperation lack legal protection, school-enterprise mixed ownership cannot be realized, the institutional arrangement is inadequate to ensure that faculty members are capable in both education theory and professional knowledge and local governments do not enjoy the decision-making power for the optimization of university layout. As for policy support, the reform of university’s classified evaluation system lacks behind; the resources of application-oriented universities are insufficient or diverted to other purpose; university admission system does not fully reflect industrial demand; and relevant policies enhancing the income and attraction of application-oriented personnel remain to be fleshed out.

Key words: application-oriented universities, the integration of production with education, school-enterprise cooperation