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Promoting Mixed Ownership Reform in Jiangsu Province and Shanghai: Experience and Implications(No.121, 2017)


By Xiang Anbo, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research Report, No.121, 2017 (Total 5196) 2017-09-22

Abstract: The experience gained by Jiangsu province and Shanghai in promoting mixed ownership reform cover the following major aspects. Through public listing, they mainly developed public companies. By going beyond the limits of regions and ownerships, they conducted open-oriented and market-based conglomeration and reorganization and launched pilot practice on equity-based incentives and employee stock ownership plans. In developing mixed-ownership economy, they focused efforts on newly-built companies and new programs, made investment in the form of mixed-ownership fund and put the money in companies under the mixed ownership reform, and they had explored various ways to advance mixed ownership reform. Meanwhile, relevant departments and enterprises in both Jiangsu province and Shanghai also found some typical problems to be addressed. The following suggestions are made for solving relevant issues. We need to encourage local governments to formulate different mixed-ownership reform rules, flesh out relevant supporting policies, follow up the development of newly-established mixed-ownership enterprises, push ahead with securitization of state-owned assets, establish mixed-ownership equity funds to bolster the reform, pay attention to unleash the motivation of people and strengthen publicity of the mixed ownership reform.

Key words: mixed ownership, SOEs reform, employee stock ownership plans