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The Development of China’s Wafer Manufacturing Material Industry: Present Performance and Policy Options(Special Issue No.39, 2017)


By Qi Changdong & Chen Xiaohong, Research Team on “The Development of Integrated Circuit Industry”, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research Report Special Issue No.39, 2017 (Total 1563) 2017-10-10

Abstract: China’s semiconductor market enjoys a swift development and has a broad prospect for future growth. The global market is monopolized by transnational corporations. Currently, Chinese enterprises can’t satisfy the huge domestic market demand. The gap between Chinese enterprises and transnational corporations is huge, especially in terms of technologies and comprehensive strength. Chinese enterprises need to make open-oriented innovations, draw on international experience, focus on continuous technological development and accumulation, give full play to the role of key technologies, increase R&D and equipment input, and enhance coordination between upstream and downstream enterprises. Policy support by the government is also indispensable. Chinese enterprises are facing both historical opportunities and stern challenges. They are able to achieve the target of taking up 10-15% of the global market share and more than 50% of the domestic market share with ten-years’ effort. Chinese enterprises need to focus on independent R&D, improve technological ability through purchasing technologies, joint venture, and overseas M&A (mergers and acquisitions), give full play to the role of material alliance and build cooperation and research platform to flesh out weak links in the industrial chain. The government needs to make constant investment and render more support to enterprises with better facilities through various policy measures.

Key words: wafer manufacturing material, present performance, policy options