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Public Administration and Human Resources

The Building of Towns with Distinctive Cultural and Creative Industries: Problems and Solutions(No.130, 2017)


By Zhang Xiaohuan, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report No.130, 2017 (Total 5205) 2017-10-10

Abstract: Building towns with distinctive cultural and creative industries is an important part of China’s distinctive county construction policy, and plays a major role in inheriting traditional Chinese culture and boosting industrial restructuring. The diversified industrial entities and development forms in the towns with distinctive cultural and creative industries are governed by the integration of cultural and creative industries with various other industries as well as by the rich cultural resources. However, many problems in building such towns remain to be addressed. For instance, the cultural functions of such towns are not clearly specified with a low level of integration between different industries. The industrial system rests with rigid and inflexible concepts with vulgarized and homogenized formats. In order to promote a sound development of such towns and in light of the issues relating to the system construction to bolster the growth of distinctive cultural and creative industries, we need to select the cultural resources that can be transformed into products on a large scale, ensure the provision of life-side service supplies for creative personnel, build a balanced industrial and environmental system for the integrated development of diverse cultures and focus on establishing an operation system of the leading industries with classified guidance.

Key words: cultural and creative industries, distinctive towns, cultural products, life-side