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Build a Strong, Intelligent and Green National Logistics System(No.142, 2017)


By Wei Jigang, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC& Chen Jinxiao, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Research report No.142, 2017 (Total 5217) 2017-10-30

Abstract: China’s logistics industry has got some issues to be addressed such as segmented resources, scattered entities, inefficient resource allocation and insufficient linkage with related industries, which not only lead to high logistics costs in the whole society, but also affect national economic operation efficiency and the enhancement of national competitiveness. We need to take an overall and long-term perspective, focus on the gross efficiency and total benefit of the national economy, and optimize the allocation of logistics resources according to the laws of the development of the logistics industry, the internal relations of businesses and the time-space range of logistics operations, by means of combining market performance and government administrative measures. We need to establish a cross-sector, trans-regional, multi-level, well-rounded, coordinated and integrated logistics system covering transportation, postal service, express, delivery, storage, packaging, loading and unloading, distribution and processing, as well as information. The basic characteristics of the national logistics system find expression in interconnectivity, social coordination, well-rounded integration, and mass custom-made products. It will create value for users, enhance capabilities of enterprises, save social resources and sharpen the competitive edge of the country.

Key words: national logistics system, logistics resources, interconnectivity