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Social Development

The Reform of Village-Level Organizations(No.153, 2017)


By Zhao Shukai & Mi Jian, Information Center of DRC

Research report No.153, 2017 (Total 5228) 2017-11-21

Abstract: Along with the economic and social reforms in rural areas, the system of village-level organizations is becoming diversified, effectively easing the conflicts arising from the integrated system composed of the Party organizations, village-level self-governance organizations and collective economic organizations in villages. This paper gives an illustration of the reform trials of village-level organizations in some economically developed rural areas and a comparative analysis on the diversified organizations in Beijing’s rural areas based on case-by-case studies. Survey results show that in view of the diversification of village-level organizations, the current modes of Beijing’s village-level organizations may be categorized into four types, including “three-in-one mode”, “one-leading-two mode”, “linkage-based mode” and “independent mode”. The diversification of village-level organizations is an inevitable trend of development and such a development trend has raised higher requirements and posed challenges onto grassroots governance capabilities and local governments need to take a positive stance in face of such a development trend.

Key words: village-level organizations, diversified organizations, local governments