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Small Banks’ Transformation: Difficulties and Countermeasures(No.164, 2017)


By Wang Gang, Research Team on “China’s Banking Sector’s Transformation during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period”, Research Institute of Finance, DRC

Research report No.164, 2017 (Total 5239) 2017-11-30

Abstract: As a “vulnerable group” in the banking sector, small banks are facing more problems in the reform of transformation. For instance, first, they still hold their original aspiration to become stronger across the board whereas their transformation is facing the problem of homogeneity. Second, their on-balance-sheet investment and the new off-balance-sheet business both grow rapidly, but the stability of liabilities declines, and potential risks need to be highlighted. Third, the corporate governance is more “superficial” other than substantial. Fourth, financial technology has exerted a tremendous impact on their business. Fifth, the shortage of high-quality personnel is becoming more obvious. In view of the internal and external difficulties facing the transformation of small banks, this paper puts forward the following options for the promotion of the transformation of small banks. First, we need to find out the major issues restraining the transformation of small banks and encourage them to bring into play their differentiated competitive advantages. Second, we need to promote comprehensive risk management capacity. Third, we need to enhance corporate governance. Fourth, we should change the present classification practice which was instituted before they were turned into stockholding banks and guide the transformation and development of small banks with differentiated requirements for market access and continuous regulatory policies. Fifth, we should lead small banks to cooperate with each other in an all-dimensional and multi-level manner based on the concept of fair sharing, so as to solve the problem of high cost and limited scope of services. Sixth, we need to flesh out the short points through the introduction and cultivation of high-quality personnel.

Key words: small banks, transformation, difficulty, cause, countermeasures