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E-commerce Platform Ecology and Platform Governance Policy(No.166, 2017)


By Li Guangqian, Information Center, DRC

Research report No.166, 2017 (Total 5241) 2017-12-4

Abstract: Ecological platform is the major trend of the current E-commerce economic development in China. It is characterized by numerous small industrial platforms relying on massive user resources gathered by a large-scale E-commerce platform so as to rapidly establish an upstream-downstream-integrated chain, and form a new industrial ecosystem through transformation. Online car-hailing, bike sharing and convenience store revolution created by Mr. Koalac all reflect the characteristics of ecological platform. The development trend of ecological platform has also aroused people’s concern for platform governance. However, only when we view the issue from the aspect of corporate classification system, can we recognize the essential attributes of platform governance. To this end, we could define the large-scale platform and platform governance as the fourth-party corporate and the fourth-party governance, based on the principle of corporate classification of the recently issued General Provisions of the Civil Law. This will provide us with a scientific and rational way of analysis for building a platform governance system in the era of “Internet Plus” and formulating a feasible policy for integrated emerging industries.

Key words: platform governance, corporate classification system, fourth-party governance, platform, Mr. Koalac