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An Open-Oriented and Integrated Innovation Mechanism Propelled by Reform-- Regional Innovation Pilot Reforms in Guangdong Province(No.167, 2017)


By Xiong Hongru & Long Haibo, Research Team on “Regional Innovation Pilot Reforms and Roadmap Options”, General Office, DRC

Research Report, No.167, 2017 (Total 5242) 2017-12-05

Abstract: Open-oriented innovation requires appropriate mechanisms and systems as well as a suitable policy environment, which require the breaking of institutional barriers and bringing into full play the local motivation and creativity through deepened reform. In recent years, Guangdong province has placed high priority on “open-oriented innovation” in the reform, focused on systematic and integrated reform measures, forged ahead with regional innovation reform trials, and figured out an array of effective reform measures. These measures mainly include the introduction of high-quality foreign personnel, the promotion of the globalization of higher education, the enhancement of the mechanism for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau scientific and technological innovation cooperation, and the cultivation of a market environment conducive to open-oriented innovation. Guangdong province’s experience shows that when exploring the effective model for deepening open-oriented innovation through reform, we need to lay emphasis on enhancing the international competitiveness of local innovation environment, breaking the barriers checking the flow of cross-border innovation factors, and strengthening local supportive policies and incentives. In addition, we need to advance the reform steadily and highlight major issues with meticulous measures. Meanwhile, the Central Government needs to delegate more powers to local governments in reform, press ahead with the pilot projects and outcome evaluation of open-oriented innovation, and keep strengthening local governments’ motivation and efficiency in reform.

Key words: innovation reform, open-oriented innovation, systems and mechanisms, Guangdong province