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Promoting the Gridded Management System and the Innovation of the Community-level Social Governance Mechanism
--A Case Study on Pilot Practice in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province(No.168, 2017)


By Li Yaokun, Research Team on “The Innovative Development of China’s Social Governance”, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.168, 2017 (Total 5243) 2017-12-06

Abstract: Gridded management has become an important means for strengthening community-level social governance capacity for different local governments in recent years. By applying modern information grid technology and following a service-oriented model targeting the community-level public, the local governments put relevant factors under administrative grid management including local residents, local affairs and local organizations in a systematic manner, in order to enhance the efficiency in screening and addressing social contradictions and problems. As a critical approach to promoting governance innovation at source, local governments have focused gridded building on the community level and made efforts first in the communities and villages before moving toward higher administrative levels such as neighborhoods and townships, counties, county-level cities and districts, as well as municipal regions, to form a gridded governance pattern with comprehensive functions and vertical integration. Nantong city in Jiangsu province has made remarkable progress in recent years in gridded management system building. By creating a community-level gridded platform based on “micro-governance”, cultivating joint management of social affairs by judicial bureau, law firms and police station, and constructing a problem solution mechanism with both overall functions and special features, Nantong city has made breakthroughs in addressing some major problems facing gridded building, and its experience is worthy of reference in the gridded management system building in the new era.

Key words: gridded management, community-level social governance, Nantong city’s experience