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Chinese Enterprises’ Concerns: The Changing Market Environment, Transformation of Driving Forces and Expectations for Future Development(No.171, 2017)


By Li Lan, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report No.171, 2017 (Total 5246) 2017-12-7

Abstract: It is found from the questionnaire survey on 1495 Chinese entrepreneurs that the enterprises have been fueled by stronger driving forces for innovation projects and have steadily increased their input in innovation bolstered by increased income from the sales of new products. According to the entrepreneurs, the government reform of streamlining administration, delegating powers to lower levels, strengthening regulation and optimizing services has made initial progress in recent years. The survey results show that entrepreneurs hold a more positive attitude toward the government work than that made in 2012 survey findings in terms of the government law enforcement, the simplification of administrative review and approval procedures, the reduced interference by local governments, the relaxed restrictions on market access, the normal contract compliance, the protection of business rights and properties, IPR protection and social credit. As the domestic market environment has become more favorable for enterprises, the entrepreneurs hope that the government would maintain the sound macro- and micro-economic performance, promote the supply-side structural reform, take measures to avoid potential economic risks and focus more effort on the effective outcome of delegating powers and streamlining administration. They wish that the government would further cut taxes and lower the costs of enterprises in a down-to-earth manner and implement the industrial policies actively, steadily and effectively. Most importantly, they hope that the government would further adjust the economic structures and boost the essential transformation of the economic development mode.

Key words: innovation, transformation and upgrading, market environment, suggestions made by entrepreneurs