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The Delimitation and Management of Non-Development Zones: Ways for Improvement
——A case study of non-development zones in Beijing(No.179, 2017)


By Wang Yufei & Su Yang, Management World magazine

Research Report, No.179, 2017 (Total 5254) 2017-12-14

Abstract: Non-development zones are important parts of main functional areas, and constitute the basis for function-oriented use and ensure the protection of the national land. Beijing’s delimitation and management of non-development zones during the 12th Five-Year Plan period revealed a number of problems, which have made it difficult to effectively support the realization of the goal of building Beijing into a world-class city and the building of a new sub-center for the nation’s capital Beijing. With the promulgation of the “Outline of Coordinated Development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region”, “The Master Plan for the Reform for Ecological Progress” and “The Overall Plan for Beijing’s Construction (2017-2030)” and as regards the delimitation of the non-development zones in Beijing, the municipal government of Beijing has focused on enhancing the total capacity, adjusting the structure and optimizing the allocation. With regard to the management of the non-development zones in Beijing, the city government has made relevant standards and overall planning to ensure that city construction will not go beyond the delimitation line. By so doing Beijing has taken the lead in establishing the system of the delimitation, division and management of non-development zones based on the protection awareness of the ancient city and in accordance with the ecological security shields.

Key words: plan for main functional areas, non-development zones, protected areas, Beijing