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Pilot Reform for Regional Innovative Development: Optimized Mechanism and Roadmap Options(No.180, 2017)


By Long Haibo, Research Team on “Pilot Reform for Regional Innovative Development and Roadmap Options”, General Office, DRC

Research report No.180, 2017 (Total 5255) 2017-12-15

Abstract: In order to ensure the orderly progress of the regional innovative reform, an optimized mechanism conducive to innovative environment is required. With the advance of trial innovative reform, pilot projects bolstered by various policies have been launched, and some defects such as overlapping policies in innovation-oriented demonstration zones and the loose integration of different innovation policies have become phased in. At present, the optimized mechanism for trial reforms based on top-level design and with the local government organizations as the principal entities has given away some problems such as high negotiation costs imposed by the government, fragmented management and the lack of ability to control reform risks. To address these issues, efforts need to be made and centered on technological innovation and coordinated development between regions, as well as the promotion of innovative reform trials in an all-round way so as to establish and improve regional innovation system and facilitate the efficient allocation and fair sharing of innovative resources. We need to make efforts in the following aspects: first, we need to create a scientific policy supply chain; second, we need to build a smooth and effective communication mechanism; third, we need to forge an effective combination of unified and separated management system; fourth, we need to promote innovation of institutional mechanism to ensure that reform measures are fully implemented.

Key words: regional innovation, reform trials, optimized mechanism, innovation-oriented demonstration zones