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Industrial Economy

The Destructuring and Restructuring of Auto Industry
in the New Era(No.189, 2017)


By Wang Xiaoming, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.189, 2017 (Total 5264) 2017-12-21

Abstract: The technology revolution featured by electrification, IT application and networking combined with the commercial,platform-based and fair sharing mode has greatly boosted the production, sale and consumption of auto industry and the new industrial pattern targeting at individual consumption and travel service need is gradually taking shape. In the process of restructuring auto industry, more and more new industrial main entities will gradually come to the fore, the chain-like industrial structure formed by vertical division of labor will shift to the networking industrial structure formed by horizontal division of labor, and the hardware and software service platform capable of integrating network with data will become the dominant force in the formation of the new industrial pattern. The traditional auto enterprises are still the principal entities of the auto industry, but their strategic position in the new pattern should be adjusted and at the same time, digital transformation and production service mode innovation should be promoted. In order to deal with the industrial, employment and social impact caused by the transformation of the auto industry, the government needs to take a forward-looking approach and play a leading role to stabilize the performance of auto industry and make innovations relating to the management mechanism, operation measures and major issues.

Key words: auto industrial pattern, destructuring, restructuring