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Suggestions on Further Promoting China’s Construction of Think Tank System(No.192, 2017)


By Li Yaokun & Niu Jiaru, Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report No.192, 2017 (Total 5267) 2017-12-22

Abstract: In the past two years, the construction of China's think tank system has made remarkable achievements, which include: the management system has been continuously improved, the number of functional think tanks has been increased, the framework for research has been fleshed out, the composition of research personnel has been optimized, scientific management has become more standardized and international cooperation and exchanges are on the rise. But it should be noted that there is still room for improvement. For instance, the construction layout needs to be optimized, the capacity of raising policy options needs to be enhanced, more high quality personnel need to be introduced, the performance management needs to be perfected and the institutional guarantee is not yet in place. In order to further promote the development of a new-type think tank system with Chinese characteristics, we need to make endeavour in the following aspects. We need to build a sound system for the management of think tanks, establish and consummate the modern decision-making consultation system, improve the capacity of raising policy advises, enhance function docking and the effects of decision-making consultations, optimize personnel composition, innovate the training mode and appointment methods, ensure the funding of think tanks, expand financial support and enforce staff incentive mechanisms, increase international exchanges and cooperation and take an active part in and gain a bigger say in global issues.

Key words: the construction of think tanks, policy consultation system, issues and policy options