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Gong Sen


Gong Sen


Gong Sen
Gong Sen

Director-General and research fellow, Institute for Public Administration and Human Resources, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

From Sep.1982-June 1989, he studied at Geography Department of Beijing Normal University and got respectively a Bachelor’s Degree in science and a Master's Degree in science.

From Sep.1996-Sep.1997, he received a Master's Degree in Science in Department of Social & Policy Sciences of the University of Bath, the UK.

From Sep.1997-Dec.2002, he had postgraduate study in Sociology Department of the University of Sheffield, the UK and got a PhD Degree.

From June 1989-Dec.1992, he was an editor of Social Security News, intern research fellow, assistant research fellow at Social Welfare and Social Progress Research Institute of Civil Affairs Ministry.

From Feb. 1991-Dec. 1992, he was the head of the research group in Social Endowment Insurance Office of Civil Affairs Ministry.

From Dec. 1992-Dec. 2002, he was assistant research fellow, Deputy Director and Director of Social Insurance Institute of Labor and Social Security Ministry (From Sep. 1996-Dec. 2002, he had postgraduate study in the UK on a government scholarship).

From Dec. 2002-Sep. 2014, he served respectively as associate research fellow, research fellow, Director of Research Office and Deputy Director-General of Department of Social Development of DRC.

From Sep. 2014-present, he is the Director-General and research fellow of Institute for Public Administration and Human Resources of DRC.

He is concurrently a member of Expert Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and a member of the Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Committee of the Ministry of Health; a part-time professor of Social Development and Public Policy School of Beijing Normal University; and Vice Chairman of Social and Legal Affairs Central Committee of China Association for Promoting Democracy.

His research field mainly covers social governance, social security, medical care and population and employment.