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Ma Jun


Ma Jun


Ma Jun
Ma Jun

Director-General and research fellow, Enterprise Research Institute, Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)

From 1986-1990, he studied in the Computer Department of Peking University and from 1990-1993, he studied in the Management Science Center of Peking University with a Bachelor's Degree in science. In 2004, he studied at Harvard University as a visiting scholar.

From 1995-2001, he worked in the Research Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy of DRC and from 2002-present, he worked in Enterprise Research Institute.

He is concurrently member of Telecommunication Expert Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Member of Expert Committee of the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense.

His research fields include the development of SMEs, the reform and development of State-owned companies, the innovation and development of burgeoning industries and the reform and regulation of monopolized industries.

He has been involved in and in charge of a number of major research projects including Research on National Capital System Management, Policy Measures for Further Addressing Overcapacity, Suggestions of Enterprises for Rationalizing the Relationship between Government and Enterprises and Further Promoting the Economic System Reform, Research on the New Environment, Problems and Countermeasures for SMEs, Research on Special Funds for Promoting the Development of China-Germany SMEs, Research on Innovation of SMEs, Research on the Transformation and Upgrading of Enterprises, Research on the Reform and Development of Enterprises during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period, Research on the Internationalization of China's Enterprises, Research on the Relations between Government and Enterprises in the Course of Development of Strategic Burgeoning Industries, Research on M&A and Reorganization of Enterprises, Research on Systems, Mechanisms and Policies to Strengthen China’s Ability of Independent Innovation, Research on Policies to Improve China’s Production Safety, Research on Plan for the Development of Modern Service Industry in Zhongguancun and Governance of China's Internet.

He has written over one hundred research reports involving the reform and development of State-owned enterprises, the development of SMEs, the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, enterprises' internationalization, enterprise innovation, enterprise outsourcing, enterprise M&A, enterprise alliance, reform and regulation of monopolized industries, reform and development of electric industry, development of information industry, reform and transformation of communication industry, reform and development of broadcast and TV network, innovation of communication manufacturing industry, innovation of LCD industry, development of computer industry, development of mobile phone, development of digital TV industry, development of equipment industry, internet governance, technology standard strategy and regulation on safety production and so on.