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Ways for the Integrated Development between Natural Reserves and National Park System
-- A case study on strand parks(No.199, 2017)


By Su Hongqiao & Su Yang, Management World magazine

Research report No.199, 2017 (Total 5274) 2017-12-28

Abstract: In the construction of national park system in China, an important goal is to realize unified, standardized and efficient management of natural reserves and to form a natural reserve system featured by scientific classification and effective protection and bolstered by national park system. Though great achievements have been made in nature protection, the management of natural reserves remains to be enhanced, the public service needs to be fleshed out and the operating conditions require to be improved. These common problems are mainly due to the inappropriate management system and institutional mechanism such as the system of resource ownership, the management system of relevant departments and the funding mechanism. Through the integration between the natural reserve management system and the national park system, these issues are hopefully to be addressed in a systematic manner. Based on highlighting the features of natural reserves, the integration needs to focuse on the construction of a unified management system and a pluralistic fund guarantee mechanism relating to administrative power and government fund.

Key words: national park system, natural reserves, management system reform