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Industrial Economy

Top-level Design on Rolling out the “Made in China 2025” Industrial Policy System(No.198, 2017)


By Shi Yaodong, Research Team on “Made in China 2025 Policy System”, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC

Research Report, No.198, 2017 (Total 5273) 2017-12-27

Abstract: In order to build China into a strong manufacturer, accelerate the implementation of the Made in China 2025 initiative and roll out the supporting plans and systems, the government needs to let market play the decisive role while further improving the industrial policy system, balance the relations between vertical optional industrial policy and the horizontal functional industrial policy, and coordinate the major relations between developing the emerging industries and supporting the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, between the leverage ratio of economic policy and the leverage ratio of non-economic policy, and between the central industrial policy and local industrial policy. It needs to have a clear mind to make specific goals on targeted issues. It needs to take a market-demand-oriented approach and the industrial innovation alliance or the synthesis of industry-academia-research-application as the carrier, flesh out and integrate various policy platforms, remove policy barriers, and synthetically utilize multiple policy tools, so as to formulate an industrial policy system framework with micro, meso and macro levels, which could help solve short-term problems and realize long-term strategic goals, increase the increment and enhance performance of the stock in line with the systematic framework of industrial policy.

Key words: Made in China 2025 initiative, industrial policy, systematic framework