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Foreign Economic Relations

Global Strategic Adjustments Made by Major Economies and Their Concern for China’s Future Move(No.4, 2018)


By Zhou Taidong & Chen Xiao, Research Team on “International Development Cooperation”, China Center for International Knowledge on Development

Research Report, No.4, 2018 (Total 5279) 2018-1-8

Abstract: The looming up of anti-globalization has many reasons behind it such as economic, political and social factors, but the root cause lies in the fact that the current global governance system can’t effectively overcome the disadvantages of globalization. In the anti-globalization drive, the United States upholds the principle of “America First”, the UK adopts a more independent and open strategy, and the European Union has shifted from idealism to a more principled pragmatism. The United States, the UK and the European Union are all highly concerned about China’s global governance concepts and future move, and they look forward to China’s participation in global governance with certain anxiety. On the one hand, they wish to strengthen cooperation with China in many areas relating to global governance, and hope the Belt and Road Initiative can bring new impetus to the world economy, but on the other hand, they have doubts about the connotations and implementation measures of some concepts raised by China including the building of a community with shared future for mankind and the Belt and Road Initiative, and they worry about the challenges imposed by China for the realization of its strategic interests and values. It is suggested that the connotations of building a community with shared future for mankind should be enriched in concrete terms and the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative should be promoted through practical cooperation so as to enhance the positive interaction between national governance and global governance.

Key words: global governance, anti-globalization, the Belt and Road Initiative, a community with shared future for mankind