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China’s Roof-Mounted PV Revolution Model and Policy Options with Reference to the Platform and Sharing Economy(No.18, 2018)


By Qian Pingfan,Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC & Qian Pengzhan, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Research report No.18, 2018 (Total 5293) 2018-1-18

Abstract: Roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) project is a case in point of distributed PV scheme, and also a booster propelling PV development. Roof-mounted PV revolution has been launched respectively in Germany, Japan and some other countries, and China is in need of PV technology and is now striving for PV revolution. The development potential of roof-mounted PV scheme in China is huge, but the current business model cannot ignite roof-mounted PV revolution. Therefore, it is urgent for the government to innovate the business model based on platform and sharing economy. The roof-mounted PV revolution based on the platform and sharing economy in China has a far-reaching influence, and the government needs to issue relevant policies in the following aspects. 1. The government needs to roll out plans covering millions of residents’ roof-mounted PV projects and formulate corresponding incentive policies. 2. It needs to promote the PV development model based on unused roofs and sharing economy. 3. It needs to coordinate the orderly development of distributed and concentrated PV system. 4. It needs to bolster positively the interactive development of PV market and industry. 5. It needs to develop PV bank and relevant green PV finance. 6. It needs to straighten out the relations between green subsidy on roof-mounted PV projects and residential power subsidy. 7. It needs to lead insurance fund such as pension to support roof-mounted PV projects. 8. It needs to encourage large state-owned coal enterprises to develop PV service industry.

Key words: roof-mounted PV revolution, business model, sharing economy, platform, policy options