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Community-based Old-age Service System: More Functions Remain to Be Brought Out(No.24, 2018)


By Wang Weijin, Research Team on “An Integrated Development Mode of Community-based Old-age Service System”, Research Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report, No.24, 2018 (Total 5299) 2018-1-26

Abstract: Community is the grassroots organization of social governance and an important carrier of old-age service system. To give full play to the role of community in supporting the old-age service system, we need to redefine the community-based old-age service from two aspects, i.e. whether the community is responsible for providing old-age service or whether the government needs to render more support to community service work. By so doing, could we be better enabled to comply with the innovative work of community-based old-age service. Currently, there are some common problems in community-based old-age service, such as limited service supply capacity, shortage of professional and voluntary personnel, and difficulties in financing. In order to strengthen the role of the community-based old-age service system, we need to improve the legal and regulatory system of community-based old-age service, resolve relevant risks and form a policy synergy; establish a long-term insurance system for old-age care as soon as possible and increase the fiscal and tax support for those institutions and projects which provide old-age-care service based on community; integrate community needs and resources, coordinate social forces and improve service supply capacity; strengthen the human resources construction of community-based old-age service from three aspects including training professional personnel, integrating voluntary resources and strengthening incentive measures; and give a boost to the development of information-based and intelligent community-based old-age service system with effective supervision.

Key words: community-based old-age service system, community