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Intelligent Driving and the Reconstruction of Supervision System(No. 27, 2018)


By Ma Yuan & Dong Xiaoman, Research Team on “The Industrial and Enterprise Reform under the Background of Internet of Everything and Intelligence”, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research Report No. 27, 2018 (Total. 5302) 2018-2-5

Abstract: Intelligent driving is a major revolution in the field of auto industry and traffic travel. By replacing drivers and liberating the limbs and brains of human beings, it has posed challenges to the current vehicle management and driver supervision system across the board. In recent years, the United States, European countries and Japan have responded positively, by accelerating the pace of institutional innovation, eliminating obstacles in road test verification and industrialization, and gradually paving the way for commercialization of intelligent driving. The intelligent driving in China starts in lockstep with that of the world and China boasts strategic advantages in terms of market demand, network infrastructure, industrial innovation and government support. But, it is still insufficient in vehicle standards, open road test norms, relevant laws and regulations, network and data security as well as supporting systems to avert risks. The government needs to follow the general principle of improving the standard, standardizing the road test and revising the related regulations to ensure safety, strengthen the coordination between various government departments and collaboration between government and enterprises, expedite the introduction of common standards, take an open position toward public road tests, promote the vehicle management and responsibility step by step, adjust the insurance regulatory system and the legislation, and create an open and inclusive institutional environment.

Key words: intelligent driving, supervisory policy, the institutional supply