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Further Enhancing the Fundamental Status of the Competition Policy(No.30, 2018)


By Ma Jun, Yuan Dongming & Xiang Anbo, Research Team on “The Implementation Approach toward China’s Competition Policy”, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research Report, No.30, 2018 (Total 5305) 2018-2-8

Abstract: Competition policy is a principal economic policy implemented by a country’s government to protect and promote market competition, and the core principle lies in an open market with fair competition. In light of the contradictions facing China’s competition policy, the government needs to “fix up a premise, address four issues and build two bases”. Fixing up a premise means to establish the fundamental status of the competition policy to lead the adjustment of other relevant policies. Addressing four issues includes the restriction of the behavior of market participants including governments and enterprises in four major areas: first, the improper restrictions on market access set down by government departments; second, the unfair competition caused by the abuse of industrial policies by government departments; third, enterprises’ monopoly of the market and abuse of the market position or the adoption of unfair competition measures; fourth, the environmental and institutional discrepancies left over from the past and are faced by enterprises with different ownership systems . Building two bases refers to the building of a market moral system and a social credit system.

Key words: competition policy, fundamental status, market reform