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Rural Revitalization Boosted by Migrant Workers in Starting Businesses in Their Hometowns and Villages(No.36, 2018)


By Su Hongwen, Jiao Xudong & Liu Zheng, Research Team on “The Reform Model of Migrant Workers in Starting Businesses in Their Hometowns and Villages and the Policy of Poverty Alleviation with Targeted Measures in Huichuan District, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province”, China Rural Labor Resource Development Research Society

Research Report, No.36, 2018 (Total 5311) 2018-2-27

Abstract: The 19th CPC National Congress report made the major decision to implement the strategy of rural revitalization. In recent years, the migrant workers returning back to their hometowns and villages have become an important force for rural revitalization. With the support of government policies, various localities are proactively exploring effective measures to shore up migrant workers in starting businesses in their hometowns and villages to boost rural revitalization. The policy measures include the establishment of relevant platforms for making startups, the launching of some favorable programs, the improvement of local environment and the cultivation of good examples. Through these measures, some remarkable progress has been made. For example, rural development has accumulated new momentum for harmonious advance. Based on the pilot reform, some experience has been gained for further reform relating to rural social governance. The above-mentioned examples about migrant workers’ practice in starting businesses in their hometowns and villages have proved that the success for rural development lies in proper strategic arrangements and appropriate policy guidelines with the support of industrial development, related reform and innovation and exemplary motivations.

Key words: migrant workers, returned migrant workers to make startups in their hometowns and villages, rural revitalization