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Bring into Play the Role of Three Factors to Accelerate Industrial Transformation and Upgrading in Heilongjiang Province


Bring into Play the Role of Three Factors to Accelerate Industrial Transformation and Upgrading in Heilongjiang Province

Research Team on the Revitalization of Northeast China, DRC


The key to the economic revitalization of Heilongjiang province lies in the industrial transformation and upgrading, and the key to industrial transformation and upgrading hinges on bringing into play the coordinated and promotive role of three factors composed of the state, the province and the one beyond the province. Relying on the local force of Heilongjiang province, we need to pool the resources, capital, projects, personnel and technology both inside and outside the province to accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading.

It is necessary to give full play to the supporting role of the state including the new round of industrial layout, the launching of major projects and the reform of state-owned enterprises in Heilongjiang province. First, we need to focus on the reform of crude oil processing industry and chemical and petrochemical industry, build Daqing into a petrochemical industry base and develop the deep-processing petrochemical industry. Second, we need to make full use of the industrial base and the advantage of technical personnel of the old industrial bases and provide preferential policy to Heilongjiang province in the layout of major technical equipment and other productive forces. Third, we need to promote the further reform of state-owned enterprises in the province, increase the amount of investment, optimize productivity layout in Heilongjiang province, expand the industrial scale and promote the development of local economy.

We need to give free rein to the main role of Heilongjiang province in the revitalization of local industries, the cultivation of new industries and the improvement of industrial environment. First, we need to increase the cohesion between local development and the “Made in China 2025” national strategy to speed up the development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry. Second, in light of provincial conditions, we need to focus on the development of conventional and competitive industries with market demand and resource advantages. Third, we need to follow the development trend of new technology and new industry and support the development of strategic and emerging industries with technological achievements. Fourth, we need to flesh out the construction of the innovation system of the manufacturing industry and strengthen the technological transformation of the traditional industry.

We need to give full scope to the role of “two kinds of resources” and “two markets” outside the province to promote the industrial transformation and upgrading of Heilongjiang province. First, we need to further carry out the opening-up strategy and expand industrial cooperation with partners both inside and outside Heilongjiang province in wider areas and at higher levels. Second, we need to focus on the introduction of investment, technology and intelligence in a combined manner and take an active approach toward the integration with the national and global industrial innovation network. Third, we need to deepen the international cooperation in capacity and enable the equipment and food manufacturing industry to expand their presence overseas.