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How China Escaped the Poverty Trap: Book Review and Relevant Enlightenments(No.38, 2018)


By Gong Sen, Zhou Taidong & Ning Ye, Research Team on “Roadmap for China’s Development”, China Center for International Knowledge on Development

Research report No.38, 2018 (Total 5313) 2018-3-1

Abstract: Based on China’s development practice and experience, the book How China Escaped the Poverty Trap by Assistant Professor Yuen Yuen Ang from the University of Michigan notes that development is a process of joint evolution propelled by system and market. It points out that the successful evolution and development require many conditions, and highlights the possibility of using existing institutions to generate inclusive growth and further impetus for institutional evolution. The book not only interprets China’s development experience and reveals its general value but also challenges Western world’s standards and norms and policy tools for development. The book has received extensive attention and confirmation from the international community for development. The important enlightenments drawn from its research findings and methods show that the construction of China’s philosophy and social science institution requires to strengthen the guidance to and leverage the positive role of international talents, the sharing of China’s plan needs to further explore the general value of China’s experience, China’s development and assistance to foreign countries need to add to the introduction more about China’s development practice and principles and the institution to enable China to catch up and surpass some other countries in terms of economic development still has a high reference value in the new era.

Key words: development principle, roadmap for China, foreign aid