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Research on Pilot Regional Innovation Reform and the Selection of Roadmaps


By Long Haibo, DRC


With the gradual establishment of regional coordinated development strategy, innovation activities have gone beyond the administrative divisions of provinces and cities, and different types of innovation reform mode have been formed in the regional division of labor. Promoting the comprehensive innovation reform centered on scientific and technological innovation can contribute to resource sharing, integrated development, coordinated innovation and promoting the trans-regional flow of innovation factors. Until now, the regional innovation reform experiment is still in progress, showing some new features such as diversified regional levels, complicated innovation environment and similar reform roadmaps. To study the reform roadmaps and the policy options of regional innovation is helpful to deepen the theoretical understanding of regional coordinated innovation. As a result, more efforts would be focused on the formulation of institutional mechanism after the implementation of relevant policies. Based on the comprehensive review of the evolution course and system design of regional innovation reform experiment, the book gives an illustration of the theoretical framework and diffusion model for policy implementation, and summarizes the progress of comprehensive regional innovation reform experiment in the new era. In addition, this book selects some typical cases from Guangdong province (including Hong Kong and Macao) and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, gives an overall introduction to the innovation and reform experiment of these places in recent years, and puts forward the promotion mechanism and roadmap options for regional innovation and reform experiment in the new era.

This book has five chapters and two sub-reports. Chapter 1: An introduction; Chapter 2: The evolution roadmap and institutional arrangement of regional innovation reform experiment; Chapter 3: The basic logic and practice of regional innovation reform experiment in the new era; Chapter 4: Case study of trans-regional innovation reform experiment; Chapter 5: The promotion mechanism and roadmap options of regional innovation reform experiment. The two sub-reports are about the practice of innovation reform experiment in Guangdong province and the practice and exploration of innovation reform experiment in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.