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China’s Rural Financial Development Report 2016


China’s Rural Financial Development Report 2016

By Zhang Chenghui, Pan Guangwei, et al, DRC


With regard to the improvement of rural financial services, efforts need to be made to promote the basic theoretical studies of finance in rural China, and to pay close attention to the new conditions, changes and experience in rural finance. Since 2014, the Financial Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) has edited and compiled the annual series of “China Rural Financial Development Report”. Based on a host of field survey reports, China Rural Financial Development Report 2016 systematically summarizes the new conditions, explorations and experience in rural financial development since 2016. By following the principle of presenting an overall picture and giving an innovative introduction, the book is focused on the reform and innovation of the new type of rural cooperative finance. Through the study on different types of new rural cooperative financial institutions, the book analyzes the problems checking financial development and the barriers curbing policy implementation and puts forward relevant policy options for financial reform and development.

The book has 15 chapters divided into three parts. Under Part I Theory, there are three chapters. Chapter 1: The financial support for the supply-side structural reform of agriculture; Chapter 2: The development of inclusive financial theory in rural areas; Chapter 3: The risks facing rural finance in China and countermeasures. Under Part II International experience, there are two chapters. Chapter 4: The cooperative movements in foreign countries and their credit cooperation; Chapter 5: An overview of the international development of rural microfinance. Under Part III Practice, there are ten chapters. Chapter 6: An analysis of the credit development relating to farmers' cooperatives; Chapter 7: The development of rural mutual funds; Chapter 8: The development of rural non-profit microfinance; Chapter 9: The practice and innovation of rural financial poverty alleviation; Chapter 10: The practice and innovation of the banking industry in rendering service to agriculture, rural areas and farmers; Chapter 11: The innovation and development of agricultural insurance in providing support to agriculture; Chapter 12: The innovation and development of rural financial leasing market; Chapter 13: The innovation and development of futures and options market of agricultural products; Chapter 14: Rural Internet finance; Chapter 15: The pilot practice of financial reform in some typical rural areas.